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Location : Rochester, MN

PostSubject: introducing...   Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:16 am

i didn't stick around to see how eric finished the sanguine bond deck but i was at least pleased with the results i got to see of the brew we cooked up literally minutes before (maybe even a little after) registration last night. here's the list, off the top of my head.

george lazenby:
1 sorin markov
1 lilian vess
2 elspeth, knight errant
2 sanguine bond
3 sunspring expedition
3 tainted sigil
3 white knight
3 vampire knighthawk
2 baneslayer angel
3 path to exile
3 celestial purge
2 angel's mercy
3 mind rot
2 infest
2 day of judgment
9 plains
8 swamps
3 marsh flats
4 terramorphic expanse
1 arid mesa
1 verdant catacomb

it was a bit suprising it won at all given how little time we had to put it together. the serious issues i was initially worried about was whether all the double color mana requirements were going to be workable, saying nothing of a triple color sorin. all the fetches did have the added benefit of making sure those sunsprings got active if and when bond finally came down. some of the numbers on card choices come from making due with out playsets of things (i'm looking at you, bankslapper B****!!).
i didn't post the sideboard because i don't remember anything in the sideboard other than black knights and deathmarks at the moment.
first turn expedition, third turn sigil, fifth turn bond figures out to be a thirty-two point life swing for five mana, but that's in magical christmas land.
somebody let me know how the deck finished, as i need something to feel less ****** about regarding deck building (r.i.p. pyromancer's ascension).
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PostSubject: Re: introducing...   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:03 pm

I feel that Ajani Goldmane is infinitely better than elspeth in this build. He's Sorin Markov on turn 5, he pumps your nighthawks and lets them swing and block, and what about pooping out an Avatar token when push comes to shove? Are you kidding me?! Ajani needs to be in this deck. If not white ajani, then red/white ajani and tack that mountain in here with some Arid mesa's. I like your choice in the number of Angel's Mercy, that was always the questionable one for me. I personally think a Fog strategy trying to curve into giant lifelink finishers could also be viable. An opponent may likely be able to just thought hemmorage your Bonds away, so having something like Felidar Sovereign might actually be necessary. He's not as loftily priced as a certain angel and he gives you a must answer threat with a great alternate win condition for this deck. I might think of running Absorb Vis as more mana fixing and to fill up that empty second turn slot. On the second turn note, i think you could benefit from tidehollow sculler as well. I like the idea of being able to play both knights in this build. Any love for Identy Crisis or Necromancer's Covenant? That DoJ and Infest look like they could use a friend.
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Posts : 664
Join date : 2009-11-23
Location : Rochester, MN

PostSubject: Re: introducing...   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:50 pm

yeah, in my haste, i cut ajani from the list. i was a little worried about there not being dudes on the board and the gaining two life seemed, at the time, like the least satisfying thing i would want to do with four mana against all the aggro out there. it is worth revisiting though, as i didn't personally play with the deck and the force with which you argue for him makes for a convincing rhetorical tactic. i think maybe vengeant would be worth considering, especially as a dirty sideboard plan, though again, double and triple colors with a third color makes me winge.

when we were putting it together, sculler definitely found his way onto the list and was a last minute cut due mostly to the fact that running sculler and wrath effects in the same hand gives me the howling fantods, hence the incredibly inferior mind rots. i figured if eric is going to spend mana to take a card, he might as well not have to give it back any time soon.
a single absorb vis was included in the sideboard out of a complete lack of knowing quite what to put in the board, aside from all the jund answers. building a deck in ten minutes time will cause those things to happen.
i wanted the sovereign in there, too. i personally didn't like the fog idea, if only because of my personal aversion to fog strategies in general (they make me throw up a little in my mouth just thinking about them) and i felt like this deck could at least do things that made advancements in the game state and contribute to the overall theme of the deck, e.g. why elspeth was included, as she must usually be dealt with, especially making a nighthawk into a baneslayer angel or baneslayer into... uh... cthulu or something nearly apocalyptic... i don't know. i do think you're spot on with felidar, though, and i will have to make that suggestion to eric the next time i see him. that guy belongs in.
the exclusion of identity crisis came down to a total absence of them. eric just didn't have any. necromancers covenant makes for great thoughts, too.
angel's mercy was basically included in small numbers because of the same kind of tempting collaboration with tainted sigil but i don't know how satisfying the card actually was for eric.
so yeah, thanks for the suggestions. i wish i had the cards to build this myself and take it for a spin too but it seem vicarious victories are my lot of late...
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PostSubject: Re: introducing...   

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