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 M11 Predictions and Hopes

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PostSubject: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:22 pm

After the topic of a possible BSA re-print in M11 came up this weekend, I thought I would post a thread to see what people thought WoTC would print in the M11 core set, along with cards people would like to see them print. Below are cards I would like to see them reprint in M11:


Path to Exile - I love this card and I really don't want to see it leave. I think a lot of people share my opinion on this. It is just a great removal spell with a unique and interesting ability. It goes in every white deck I play. It fixes mana. It's cheap instant speed removal. It does it all!

Baneslayer Angel - I suppose I can get behind all the people who actually own one of these $50 pieces of cardboard and say I would like to see Baneslayer back in M11. (plus, it gives me more of a chance to actually crack one!) It has most certainly become a new staple card and cemented itself as an icon for the game which is exactly what WoTC wants in their core sets. Plus, they pretty much have to re-print this or all the people who dropped cash and effort to get their's will be PISSED!

Ghostly Prison - I doubt they will actually print this as it was revealed as the promo card for FNM, but I would love to see it to slow the aggro down a bit. Plus, I just love this card period.

Faith's Fetters - Shuts down planeswalkers, could replace Oblivion Ring for awhile. I like this card a lot.

Rule of Law - Something to possibly slow down cascade a bit more.

True Believer/Ivory mask - I feel like we need a "can't target players" ability in the format.


Compulsive Research - Love this card. We need some better draw, even if it isn't instant.

Telling Time - Cheap, efficient, instant speed library manipulation for blue would be nice.

Remand - Great card, not overpowered. Holds off the early onslaught from the droves of aggro decks so control decks can make it to the late game without any card disadvantage.


Zombify - I would love some sort of Rez spell in standard. I dunno how likely that is considering creatures like Iona in the format.

Visara, The dreadful - Enough with Royal Assassin already, give us something that is at least cool and splashy!

Mutlilate - Mono black needs a nice sweeper and maybe we could see some sort of MBC instead of all this vampire stuff. Love this cards and it goes along with the theme of pushing players to play mono colored decks. Use the Torment art please. kthx.

Thoughtseize - This card is awesome. Can we have it in the core set?


Lightning Bolt - Suprisingly not overpowered by any means in todays meta. Good cheap removal spell that goes in control and aggro decks. Keep this bad boy around until the creatures tame down a bit.

Volcanic Fallout - More interesting than Pyroclasm and instant is a plus. I think this card could find a place in the core set.


Birds of Paradise - I am guessing this will be an auto-include especially since Noble is going to rotate. Maybe the birds will see some more play when the Heirarch leaves the format? For sure.

Eternal Witness - Okay. This may get a little stupid with bloodbraid, but it would be cool to have as a tool and bloodbraid would only be in standard for a short time with it. Plus, it is a little cost prohibitive with the GG.

Terravore - I would like to see a return of the Lhurgoyf cycle. This would be pretty sick with the fetches and I think the other color Lhurgoyf's could see play also. Cantivore would be cool with the quests, and Magnivore would be cool with Pyromancer's Acen. Mortivore would also be pretty cool with unearth and cycle creatures for awhile.


Loxodon Warhammer - I miss the hammer, and behemoth sledge just doesn't fit in as many decks.

Mind Stone - I miss it already.

Teferi's Puzzle Box - Would be pretty sick with Lorescale Coatl. This card is just fun and enables all sorts of cool things to shake up games. Underworld Dreams also likes this artifact.


Mutavault - Doubt we will see this one, especially since all the man lands that are coming in WW.


It is almost certain that they will reprint the original PW from Lorwyn in M11. They are iconic and that is the way WoTC seems to be representing the core set. PW are awesome, and I have no problem with new players getting more chances to get ahold of the originals.

I would also like to say that I would like it if they decided to re-print the command cycle from lorwyn because I thought all of those were awesome, but I don't think they would do that this soon either...oh well, maybe in the future!

Let everyone know which cards you guys think will be printed in the new M11 core set along with cards you would like to see re-printed.
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Posts : 664
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Location : Rochester, MN

PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:32 pm

uh... according to rules text 1011.3, they'll never reprint cryptic command.
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Location : Manhattan, KS

PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:09 pm


I'll make due with Rune Snag, Mana Leak, Remand, or even Broken Ambitions. There just needs to be a turn 2 hard counter.

I also agree that Path needs to be reprinted and I would love me some Faith's Fetters as well. I would also like Thoughtseize in place of Duress.

Also...Kird Ape, The Rack, Stupefy, Augur of Skulls, Cry of Contrition, Putrefy/Mortify, Tarmogoyf, Loxodon Hierarch/Warhammer, Pain/Shocklands, and the Rusalka cycle.
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PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:09 pm

ryan is right though...i think that baneslayer will be re-printed just to lower the cost...and i think that we'll see o-ring over faith fetters because everybody as wizards has a huge hard-on for o-ring...a counter spell would be nice that cost two mana...i would like to see some kind of enemy land be it pain landsd or even enemy versions of the m10 lands i just need something to produce white and black to make me feel ok inside...
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Th3 Ra1nman


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PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:20 am

I would like to see the man lands form 10th edition also i would like to see some old school legendary creatures like multuni(G), chainer(B), and ect. or the porphecy's avatars and possably the signets form ravnica block and last but not lease all the beacons from mirrodon block would be sweet
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Posts : 664
Join date : 2009-11-23
Location : Rochester, MN

PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:16 am

i think they're just going to keep reprinting cancel until we put it in every tier one deck.
they've even put it in the last two !@#$%^& expansions. i've never seen them so adamant about one !@#$%^& card. not even counsel of the soratami, which they had to stick on a 2/2 magical flying happytrout to get us to begin to want to use it, was nearly as obnoxious as these shenanigans (seriously, divination still isn't good, regardless of what patrick chapin or any goddamned tier 1 decklist says). you guy might be right about path to exile though. it could possibly find its way back into the game. it meets the flavor and function they want to emphasize in white (it says !@#$%^& "exile" in the name, for ****'s sake, like a great big, flashing neon sign to new players, "HERE IS WHAT THIS ZONE IS AND HOW IT AND THIS CARD WORKS"). they might even give it new art (although i recognize the coreset art trend is usually to use old art if it is a reprint), which would be a welcomed treat.
i do agree that thoughtseize is a decent enough card to stand reprinting. ken nagle did say something when i saw him at the minneapolis grand prix about it being a mistake that they printed it at rare. he felt it really should have been uncommon.
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PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:22 am

Was Lightning Bolt just an experiment? It's not overpowered, so I hope they leave it in.

I want Arcane Denial back.
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PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:19 pm

Slowtrips are not done in the core set, They could make it without the slowtrip effect though and keep it at the same cost. I'd really like it if they made it UU counter a spell, its controller draws a card. Or some such. Wouldn't you be able to counter your own spell to draw three with arcane denial? That does seem kinda nice though! I would think Oblivion ring is on the chopping block for sure, just because of the amount of "Ring" effects they have done in standard lately. I would say Faith's Fetters might be the next replacement. It makes it much easier to tap out on fourth turn when you are basically gaining the life back from an attacker and neutralizing it in one fell swoop.
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PostSubject: Re: M11 Predictions and Hopes   

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M11 Predictions and Hopes
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