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PostSubject: Liliana Vess   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:38 pm

I can't help but be intrigued by what they might do with Liliana's next incarnation. She has that chain veil that makes her super powerful, she kills angels (as per the new web comic), she corrupts garruk, and she gets busy with jace. What a gal! I'm thinking she will be a four ability and will probably be released in the block after Scars block (i.e. October 2011). Her initial abilities are +1 discard/-2 vampiric tutor/-8 mass rise and she has a pretty nice starting loyalty of 5. New Jace's +2 fate seal is an upgrade to his original +2 of howling mine, but new Jace also has the free brainstorm, which makes him a much more efficient draw engine. His ultimates are pretty comprable in effect, but the new jace again is vastly more powerful. Each jace can fit into one deck, and played in decks with completely different strategies but the new jace is pretty much an upgrade to the old one in every possible way. Now for chandra. new chandra is like a turd that got painted red. her greatest asset is her mini-wheel -2 ability, making her a good candidate for red deck wins, but she costs 6 mana and has an inconsistant if not nearly unabusable set of abilities. The flow makes sense on paper, but in practice is agonizing to play. They fed aggro into this set and give us a planeswalker who needs instants and sorceries to truly be good. It just doesn't add up! So back to Liliana. What is the natural upgrade to her current skill set? How does her corrupting Garruk fit into her ability set? What kind of ultimate would an over-powered black planeswalker have? Lets discuss!
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