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 when it burns...

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PostSubject: when it burns...   Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:54 pm

July 3rd in Burnsville I played this version of RDW:
4 Scalding Tarn 2 Fork Bolt
4 Arid Mesa 2 Chandra Nalaar
4 Smoldering Spires 4 Dragon Claw
4 Teetering Peaks 3 Goblin Ruinblaster
8 Mountians 2 Punishing Fire
4 Ball Lightning 2 Quenchable Fire
4 Goblin Guide
4 Hell’s Thunder
4 Hellspark Elemental
2 Kargan Dragonlord
2 Earthquake
4 Burst Lightning
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Searing Blaze
4 Staggershock

Round 1 vs. Plains walker love (control)
I had to play V first round, which is quite ****** for both of us but a lot less ****** for V because he beat me.
Game one I didn’t have that great of a hand and I stalled out after the first we turns and V took control of the game it was over.
Game two was much different. I had a great start with a goblin guide and a hell’s thunder and those two horses got it done. I guess the burn spells help quite a bit too.
Game three was very good for V, turn two wall of omens followed up with turn three wall of denial, there really isn’t much more to say about that game cause that’s good night for me.
Round 2 vs. Jund
Game one I won the die roll and was off running! Turn one goblin guide followed by turn three hell’s thunder all the while jund is putting lands into play tapped. The Fire finishes them off.
Game two I get junded. He always has either a thrinax or a removal spell for my creatures. Clearly, being a mid-range deck, stretching the game out helps.
Game three is turn one guide, turn two guide plus teetering peaks. Turn three I have another peaks plus a hellspark, he has removal and blocks well. The game stretches towards mid-game and it become top madness. I top deck hell’s thunder for the win and the jund player laments, “why is it always hell’s thunder, why can’t it be ball lightning!?” I’m assuming he had a burn spell that could kill the ball.
Round 3 vs. Jund
I don’t really remember specifics about this match up except that this was the version playing cobra and than game was a blow out and game two was very close. I had top-deck a burn to win game two. It was after this match that was begging for everybody to bring me their jund.
Round 4 vs. Bant something (I think it was next level but I’m not for sure)
Neither game were close for me and I really don’t remember much about this match other than I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a way to win game one because I knew after board would be very difficult to win.
Round 5 vs. Conscription
Game one he did not have much ramp and what he did play I burned, it was quite one sided.
Game two I was expecting a turn two kor firewalker just like I’ve seen played on me and other fire mages, but he had even less game two than in game one. Game one was on in five turns and game two in four.
Round 6 vs. RDW
Game won I won the die roll and because of that the win. I had lots of gas game one, guide, hellspark, hell’s tunder. My opponent had lots of gas as well, guide hellspark, hell’s thunder. We both had flame too, searing blaze was amazing for both of us. In the end it was the fact that I got to go first and had a burst lighting to kick for the win.
Game two was the most epic game of magic I’ve ever played or seen played. Seven dragon claws were played between both players. Final life totals from game two were 115-28. Game one lasted about five minutes, game two lasted forty minutes and took up most of the round. I lost game two because I fetch one more land that my opponent. We were the last match being played and everybody was watching us play in stunned disbelief. Nobody would have guessed that red deck wins could win a game because of decking their opponent, but it did.
Game three we had about five minutes to play game three and I really think that they juiced the clock so that it went faster. I mulled to six and my opponent mulled five. I dropped guide turn one followed by peaks turn two. He dropped a turn two, can you guess, dragon claw! I really think he mulled to had that had two land a dragon claw because he didn’t play much else, we went to time I couldn’t win in extra turns.
Round 7 vs. Naya Vengvine played by Andrew “the bitchy little girl” Farnum
Game one I did was I was suppose to do, guide turn two with peaks, turn three hellspark. Game one a rout.
Game two turn two firewalker totally ended my game.
Game three turn two firewalker totally ended my game.
Andrew and I had a discussion about how whining when things don’t seems to go your way, except it was mostly me whining not him.
Round 8 vs. Planeswalker Love not V
Game one early guide plus peaks made sure that the burn was enough.
Game two I was shocked to not see a turn two firewalker and the early aggression made sure that the burn was enough to win.
Andrew 4-3-1 (Vengevine Naya
V 4-3-1 (Planeswalker Love)
Jesus 6-2 (10th place) {Vengevine Naya}

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PostSubject: Re: when it burns...   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:00 pm

I'm really happy to see this post! A good way to get information out there for our little redlings at magic. Thanks dan!
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PostSubject: Re: when it burns...   Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:30 pm

Cool read, sucks getting paired up against someone you know first round. Seven dragon claw sounds epic. Need artifact hate for the mirror hah!

How did you like RDW? I'm thinking of building it seeing as I have 90% of the cards to make it and was thinking of taking it to the grinders.

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PostSubject: Re: when it burns...   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:54 pm

i would say was fun to play but ive been thinking it over and i would be much more aggresive mulliganing game one because the hate be so strong you have to win game one to a chance...the deck gets some really good tools in m11 as well...mana barbs in a must for the board and i think i would want to have two more drangon lords in the board...hell's thunder is a house that's for sure...
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PostSubject: Re: when it burns...   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:54 pm

Best. Post. Ever. Seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: when it burns...   

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when it burns...
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