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 Zendikar is no more!; or why standard is going to be fun soon!

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PostSubject: Zendikar is no more!; or why standard is going to be fun soon!   Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:35 pm

So i was looking over the mirrodin besieged spoiler and I came to the conclusion now is the time for Avenger of Zendikar to be retired from Valakut ramp. The new GX tutor spell can get us anything in the deck we need, so why would we ever cut the avenger who is such a house? Because Wizards printed a new, re-usable disintegrate! I think the new red suns zenith takes what was an angry beast and i believe turns valakut ramp into a deck that will be more dominant than jund.

these are the reason i think Valakut is going to become a real thorn in everyones side:
4/4 troll ascetic out of the board vs control/agro

both r and g suns zenith streamlines the deck, allowing it to cut clunky creatures like avenger and inferno titan.

using both primeval and re-useegrate can cause control players to make bad plays and bad sideboard choices, because as is now we all know you can basicly side out anything that cant target creatures vs ramp now.

some questions i have for you, the RMTG community:

Inferno Titan? does he have a spot? seems like he fights with re-usegrate but using the greenith we're going to wanna up the creature count.

is green zenith better than summoning trap? how few creatures do we need to make it so?

Koth? seems like turn 4 or 5 koth into primevil is almost the nuts?
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Zendikar is no more!; or why standard is going to be fun soon!
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