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 U/W/R Control

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PostSubject: U/W/R Control   Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:53 pm

I threw together a fairly rough draft of a U/W/R Control deck splashing black for Esper Charm. The numbers are probably really messed up, and I am torn on a few card choices (namely the removal and counter suite). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, not totally sure the manabase would even work correctly. Thanks!

Creatures: (10)

3x Kraken Hatchling/Deft Duelist/Hedron Crab (Haven't decided what would be best yet)
4x Wall of Denail
3x Sphinx of Jwar Isle

Spells: (19)

3x Negate
2x Essence Scatter
4x Esper Charm
3x Lightning Bolt
3x Path to Exile
4x Day of Judgement

Planeswalkers: (5)

3x Ajani Vengeant
2x Jace Beleron

Land: (26)

3x Arid Mesa
2x Scalding Tarn
4x Marsh Flats
1x Swamp
4x Mountain
5x Island
4x Plains
3x Glacial Fortress

Sideboard: (15)

3x Double Negative
2x Swerve
3x Luminarch Ascension
4x Celestial Purge
1x Negate
1x Lightning Bolt
1x Banefire
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PostSubject: Re: U/W/R Control   Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:24 am

I have been playtesting a pretty similar deck (UWRb control) and I do believe that this color combination is the way to go. I'm still somewhat working on the manabase and a few of my spells are different. Im not sure on the early creature drops. Kraken Hatchling is probably the best if you're going to go that rout since it does reliably stop most other decks early drops (although it doesn't stop the one you really need to worry about, Putrid Leech). I think that spot may better be served my either more counterspells, removal or a few extra draw spells. Jace has been substandard for me as he dies pretty quickly in the meta. He still might be better than the next best alternatives though. Courier's Capsule might not be bad since you don't have many turn 2 plays and you can pop it when you need the cards later in the game.

I'm a little worried on your wincons right now. Only 3 Sphinx really. Ajani V. can be to a lesser extent, but I would really hate to have to ride him to victory. I run 2 Cruel and 2 Baneslayers in addition to my 3 Ajani and 3 Sphinx and it really helps to get there a lot of the time. Cruel really isn't that hard of a splash if you retool the manabase slightly to include less plains. With that said, I have found Day of Judgment very lackluster. Jund just comes back with a Bloodbraid Elf or Blightning and kills you next turn, Boros Bushwhacker fetches ridiculous things with Ranger of Eos like a Bushwhacker and a Steppe Lynx and sacs a few of the fetchlands they have saved up and swing for 8-11 at you. Vampires just plays a land and gets any Bloodghasts they had back and probably Mind Sludge you while they're at it. All of those decks just hold one or two cards back and auto-rebound frequently, while your Walls are now sitting in the graveyard with no way to get them back and you're tapped out with no way of stopping what your opponent has for their turn 4 or 5.

Because of this, I have been using a 3-2 split of Earthquake and DoJ. So far, Earthquake has been fantastic. It doesn't kill your Walls, thus leaving you with a defense after the sweep and gets your opponent's life total closer to zero. You have ways to recoup from the lifeloss like Ajani V. and in my case, Cruel Ultimatum and BS Angel. DoJ is still good though and will auto-win sometimes against some hands, which is why it's still included. With less focus on DoJ it also allows you to retool your manabase to include the best finisher in the game, Cruel Ultimatum.

That's my two cents. I'm still trying tweak the last few cards in the counterspell and removal spell suites, but when I'm done with that I'll post my decklist.
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U/W/R Control
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