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 Standard Mono White Tokens

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PostSubject: Standard Mono White Tokens   Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:42 am

Legendary Creatures
2x Mikaeus, the Lunarch
1x Elish Norn, Grand Cenobite

4x Doomed Traveler
4x Accorder Paladin
4x Geist-Honored Monk
4x Hero of Bladehold
3x Mentor of the Meek

3x Elspeth Tirel
2x Giddeon Jura

4x Intangible Virtue
4x Honor of the Pure

1x White Sun's Zenith

2x Gavony Township
4x Sunpedal Grove
4x Ravorverge Thicket
1x Contested Warzone

Basic Lands
13x Plains

This is just a deck I was thinking about for fun. I originally wanted to play G/W, but there are so many good white token generators that I'm really not sure G is a necessity. I did still want to play the Gavony Townships so I splashed in some G for that. Let me know what you guys think. I just put the deck list together on here so I'm sure it can use a lot of work.
Thanks, Kurt
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PostSubject: Re: Standard Mono White Tokens   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:10 am

Nice Deck!!!

My quick thoughts
I don't like Mentor of the Meek in this deck because if you curve out your not going to get any activations. I think Blade Splicer would be better.
I would add somekind of removal O-Ring, Dismember, or Fiend Hunter.

Midnight Haunting seems very good with honor of the pure and intangible virture

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PostSubject: Re: Standard Mono White Tokens   Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:12 am

I have to agree that getting rid of Mentor of the Meek is the best option here. I also think that going down to 3 honor of the pure and 3 intangible virtue might help to not give you dead draws. Midnight haunting is a good replacement for those two spots. Otherwise i think i like the build, though your 5 drop is really tight and with no ramp, it might get awkward. (Elspeth, Gideon, Geist-Honored Monk) I played aganst a green/white token deck yesterday, and it definately had very little staying power if the board was wiped. I don't think Gideon is as essential to your strategy as the other 5 drops, I might even go up to 4 elspeth. Lastly, the oblivion ring suggestion is totally valid, you need a way to break through or get rid of things you aren't necessarily ready to deal with.
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PostSubject: Re: Standard Mono White Tokens   Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:19 pm

i saw some lists kind of like this yesterday.
they were rocking g/w mostly for the Garruk Relentless and... well, i'm not sure what else.
i don't know whether a splash is greedy or correct but i thought you should know it's happening.
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PostSubject: Re: Standard Mono White Tokens   

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Standard Mono White Tokens
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